Re: Dolina / Dolyna in the JewishGen Family Finder #galicia

Renee Steinig

My message of 31 Dec., to which Rivka responded, intentionally
focused only on the two Galician towns now known as "Dolyna,
Ukraine," both of which had sizeable Jewish communities before
the Shoah. Under Austrian rule **and in interwar Poland**, one of
these towns was called Dolina (4858 N 2401 E, near Bolechow,
Stanislawow region) and the other was called Janow (4913 N
2543 E, near Trembowla, Tarnopol region).

At least two more places in Eastern Galicia (and interwar Poland)
were named Dolina...

- the one that Rivka describes, near Czortkow (4857 N 25 43 E,
Tarnopol region)

- another near Tlumacz (4851 N 2512 E, Stanislawow region)

These two towns are absent >from the JewishGen Communities
Database (and >from Pinkas haKehillot, for that matter), not
because of inaccuracy or contradiction, but because they had
small Jewish populations. They are listed in the JewishGen
ShtetlSeeker, which includes many more localities.


Renee Stern Steinig
Dix Hills, New York, USA

Rivka Schirman wrote:

There was, indeed, a Dolina in the Tarnopol province in interwar
Poland, but it had nothing to do with the then Janow or with the
nowdays Ukrainian Dolyna...

Dolina, in the district of Czortkow, and it had, in 1921 a total of
870 persons, 26 Jews.

Janow, a much bigger place, in the district of Trembowla, had a
total of 2292 people, and, indeed, 525 Jews, and had nothing to
do with Dolina...

So, what I think happened here is the following:

1. The Dolina of Czortkow, Ternopil is still where it was, and is
still called Dolina .

2. The problem stems >from the fact that when you search for
"Dolina" and "interwar country- Poland" you get "Janow" as
answer, which seems to be an inaccurate answer or at least in
contradiction with other sources. In the interwar Poland country,
in the same province of Tarnopol, Janow was Janow, and Dolina
was Dolina, another village alltogether not to be confounded....

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