Ukraine SIG #Ukraine Re: Request information on town of Kovel, Ukraine #ukraine

Doug Cohen

Yad VaShem's Encyclopedia of Jewish Life Before and During the Holocaust
has a 3/4 page article on Kovel (vol. 2, page 667). If you send me your
address, I'll be happy to copy the page for you if you don't have easy
access to the book. Shanah Tovah.

Doug Cohen
Lexington, MA

Original Message, in part, >from "Neal L Kaunfer" <>
Subject: [ukraine] Request information on town of Kovel, Ukraine

Through some wonderful help by some people on this Ukrainian Interest
Group I was able to find the ship manifest with the name of the
birthplace of my father and his family who were >from Kovel (also written
Kowle, Kovle, Kowal, Kowel) How can I find out more about this town and
Jewish life there between 1850-1903? .......
Rabbi Neal Kaunfer, New York City

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