looking for descendents #galicia

Phyllis Kramer

Gideon Goldstein said he is trying to locate descendents....let
me suggest a methodology.

For DINTER, I went to the ancestry.com card catalog and
queried the 1942 draft; then I put in the name DINTER. Found
a Louis Dinter, living in Brooklyn, >from Belz, Austria. In
addition a Mr. David Dinter was named.
Step 2 I would comb the 1930 census.
Step 3 I would try the SSDI and see if i could get any pertinent
death indexes >from Italiangen.
Step 4: I would try the various name searches, using Steve
Morse's queries or go to www.pipl.com, intelius.com etc.
With surnames that are not very common, this approach often
yields descendents.

Good luck with your search...

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