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Pavel Bernshtam


As I mentioned in a previous letter, when I received archive data from
Melitopol archive, I was surprised that my my great great grandfather
Aron Leib Bernshtam was recorder as a farmer >from Novo-Berislav
agricultural colony.
I was surprised because this colony is quite far >from Akimovka village
near Melitopol, where the family lived in the beginning of 20 century.
My guess was that they arrived to this colony >from Courland, because
Bernshtam surname was widespreaded in Courland.
I have contacted Riga archive and they confirmed that Bernshtam family
is recorded in the list of families, who leaved to ukrainian
agricultural colonies. Also I have found that Lvovo colony web site
mention thet Novo Berislav colony, as well as Lvovo colony was
esteablished by settlements >from Courland.
I decided that before deep search in Riga archive I should receive all
the data >from Kherson archive.
I have contacted them by telephone, sent my request by fax. The only
way to pay them is bank transfer >from Ukraine (they have not
international bank account), so I asked my friend >from Kharkov to
transfer money (less than 50 dollars).
During the work in Kherson archive I have contacted archive staff
again and asked to find some data about Aron Leib Bernshtam's wife -
Enta Freida Zelikovna. The problem was that only private name and
paternal name was known and I asked archive staff to search for some
family with father Zelik and daughter Enta Freida.

Here is results, that I received today:

Census 30 april 1858, jewish colony Novo Bersilav, Kherson uyezd,
Kherson gubernia

Abram Levinovich Bershtam, age 37
his son Aron, age 11,
Abram Bershtam's mother Dvoira, age 56,
her daughter Blyuma, age 25
Abram Bershtam's wife Gitya Aronovna, age 32
his daughters:
Feiga, age 9
Blyuma Ruhla, age 6,
Tirce, age 1;
Abram's first brother Ber Levinovich Bershtam, age 35,
his son Ruvin, age 8,
Ber Bershtam's wife Hasya Abramovna, age 31
Abram's second brother Nohom Levinovich Bershtam, age 31,
Abram's third brother Yankel Levinovich Bershtam, age 23

and likely family of Aron' wife - Enta Freida Zelikovna. The problem
is that this Zelik has 2 daugters - Enta and Freida. I think may be
one of them died and her name was added to the second. Archive staff
tells that this is the only family that match my request.

Yankel Iosipovich Yakubson (died in 1852 in age 61)
Yankel yakubson's wife Blyuma Movshovna, age 63
Yankel's first son Iosel, age 40
Iosel Yakubson's wife Blyuma Nohovna, age 28
his sons:
Nohom Ruvin, age 7
Movsha, age 6 monthes
his daugter Enta age 4,
Yankel's second son Zelik, age 37,
Zelik yakubson's wife Basya Wul'fovna, age 28
his son Shlema, age 1.5
his daughters:
Enta, age 5
Freida, age 4
Yankel's third son Ruvin, age 34
yankel's fourth son Vulf, age 29
Vulf Yakubson's wife Genya Girshevna, age 20
his daugters:
Freida age 1.5
Tsipa age 5 monthes


1. Can somebody help me to locate Levin Bernshtam(Bershtam) and Yankel
Yakubson families in Courland in the beginning of 19 century?
2. What do you think - is such partitial match enough to assume that
Yakubson family is my ancestors and to include them to the family

Thank you!

Pavel Bernshtam
javaap@... web:
Searching for:ITKIN-Kolyshki, Vitebsk uyead, Vitebsk
-Bocheikovo,Lepel uyezd, Kharkov,BERNSHTAM-Akimovka (Melitopol
oblast), Melitopol,
ALTSHULER-Priazovskoe (Pokrovka)(Melitopol oblast) , Melitopol, Chausy
(Mogilevgubernia)KANTOR-Polonnoe (Volyn gubernia), Baranovka (Volyn gubernia),
Zhitomir,LAMDAN, LAMDIN-Mlinov ZHURAHOV, ZURAHOV-Chervonnoe (Zhitomir uyezd),
Verbovo(Skvir uyezd),Zhitomir, KELMAN-Chervonnoe (Zhitomir uyezd), Zhitomir

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