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Shalom to all sigers,

I'm looking for all kind of information about the family name Kroovand /
Kruvand [there are lots of variation to this name] >from the cities / areas :
Poltava, Chernigov, Kherson, Berdichev [Berdyciv], Perejeslav Chmelnyckyi,
I have information [on each one of these places] I had family in those

The origin of my family is - Cekiske = small village north west to Kaunas.
The family spread away to all the places above.

I'm listed in the Lithuanian sig and searched the All Lithuanian Database. I
have searched the 'Ukrainian sig' site - found nothing.
I will be happy to know any information about the family and family name.
I will be happy to know about more sources of information of the Ukrainian
part of the family.

Thank you,
Please respond privately,
Amira Mashiah, Israel.

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