Ukraine SIG #Ukraine Re: ukraine digest: November 21, 2004 #ukraine

Victor Shaines <vaesny@...>

RE the Yad Vashem Data Base
I have been trying to e-mail them using the many e-mail
addresses on the CONTACT US page. Every one gets rejected. Is
there someone who can contact them and let them know that they
have a problem. Also, the rejects happen when you are accessing
the database and want to sent an update to a specific item.

Thank you.
Vic Shaines

MODERATOR COMMENT: I just spent the last 3 hours searching the
YadVashem database - using Internet Explorer. I had no problems and
I was able to copy /print over 20 pages before my eyes fried!
I had no problem submitting a correction to a Page of Testimony
that I originally submitted.... stating that it was my own handwriting
that they misread!

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