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Hannah Engelstad

Dear Genners,

I have spent the weekend on the site and can't seem to pull
myself away >from it. I have found family that I didn't know existed and
family that survived. Family that still live in the Ukraine. I am so wound
up that if I don't get help with the following - I am going to platz!!

How can one contact the person who submitted the Pages of Testimony? I
clicked on the Russian document that was filled out and found that there is
information there that is not available in English. At least I think so. I
sat with a sheet of paper with the Cryllic alphabet and tried my best to
understand what was written but am not sure how correct I was and if there
isn't more information.

Would some kind person who can read Russian/Ukranian please get in touch
with me privately so I can let them know what the family name is and get
help with the language and a possible name of a city/address.

Thank you >from the bottom of my heart.

Hannah Cramer Engelstad

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