Ukraine SIG #Ukraine Re: Yad vashem records #ukraine


Hi Genners,
Like Hannah Engelstad, I was on the site for hours every day since
Thursday. I also found cousins that my family thought perished in
the War; and also in Russia or the Ukraine. My great grandmothers
part of the family came to the U.S. in 1909, while her siblings
stayed behind in Russia. There wasn't any communication since then.
now I discovered that they were alive in 1992; that's when they
filled out the form. I couldn't understand the writing. It is so
exciting! I did contact Yad Vashem and asked them to translate
the address section.
I also discovered a link to a family that we suspected was
distantly related but didn't know how, and discovered some new
interesting facts about my fathers family.

Debbie Wang Etzion
Great Neck, NY

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