AGAD archives. (also help translating letter I received from them) #galicia

Philip Rosinsky


I am planning a visit March 7th to Warsaw and would like to visit
AGAD. I wanted to research fonds 300 and 424 regarding BMD
records >from Eastern Galicia.

Do I need to order a certain section of these fonds or just the
fond in general? (I didn't see any specific section for the relevant
towns I'm researching.)

Is there anyone with experience at this archive that could advise
me on the best method to go by? I don't want to waste time in
Warsaw waiting for these records.

Could someone please help me understand the process of
ordering records in advance?

I tried ordering the files online but after submitting the request
was forwarded to a site that looked unrelated to the archive so I
wasn't sure if the order had worked.

I sent them a letter notifying them of my request (I translated it
with google) and received the following letter. (I tried translating
it with google but the result wasn't that clear.):

Szanowny Panie
uprzejmie informujrmy , ze zbiory Archiwum Glownego Akt
Dawnych sa ogolnie dostepne. Aby skorzystac z archiwaliow
nalezy przeslac z dwudniowym wyprzedzeniem wypelnione
rewersy on line na interesujace Pana jednostki archiwalne.
Inwentarze ksiag metrykalnych gmin wyznania mojzeszowego
i akt gmin wyznania mojzeszowego znajduja sie na naszej
stronie internetowej, w zakladce inwentarze. Wypelniony rewers
nalezy wyslac z zakladki Pracownia Naukowa. Szczegolowe
zasady korzystania i udostepniania zbiorow znajdzie Pan na
naszej stronie, w zakladce Pracownia Naukowa
Z powazaniem

Philip Rosinsky

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