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If the naturalization was before 1923, the wife and children were
naturalized along with the husband. After 1923, women were
naturalized separately.

At one time, women who were already citizens could also LOSE
citizenship by marrying non-citizens...

Carolyn Ybarra

the question posed to me was did his wife and the children born in
Europe automatically become citizens?

David Karp

Carolyn Ybarra
Researching SOUTHWELL (MA 1600s, CT 1700s, VT 1790-1810, NY
1800-1840, MI 1836 - present); BUSKE (MI and IL 1872-)
EIGHMEY (NY 1800s); BISHOP (CT 1700s, NY 1800-1850)
McKEE, MAGEE (NY 1800-1840, MI 1836-); ABBOTT (NY?, MI 1836-)
WENDROW (NY 1898-, Sulzn/Sleeza Russia); FULTERMAN/FUTTERMAN (NY 1904-,
Bialystock); NADELSON/NELSON (NY 1900-); SOBEL (NY, NJ 1920-)
LOPATIN (NY, CA, Dubno Wolyn Ukraine)
HERMAN (Bacan Roumania, Montreal, NY, San Francisco)

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