Re: AGAD archives. (also help translating letter I received from them) #galicia

Mark Halpern <willie46@...>

Dear Philip:

As you probably know, Jewish Records Indexing - Poland has
indexed many of the Jewish vital records housed at the AGAD
Archives. ALL of these Jewish vital records are part of Fond 300,
so identifying that Fond will not help the Archivists prepare for you.
I do not know what is included in Fond 424, but read on for more

There is a sub-category of identification that will be helpful to the
Archivists in preparing for you. This is Sygnatura or Signature. This
is a unique number applied to a collection of a specific town's
record. However, each town's total collection will contain numerous
Sygnatura. For AGAD records that have been indexed by JRI-Poland,
the Sygnatura/Signature is shown in a column of the search results.
Searching the JRI-Poland database will help you find and copy the
records you desire.

There are some Jewish vital records at AGAD that have not been
indexed. These are identified on the JRI-Poland website at You can search the
AGAD Archives web inventory for Fond 300 (sorry only in Polish) at Jewish
records are identified as "mojzeszowe." Births = urodzenia,
marriages = malzenstwa, deaths = zgony.

AGAD Fond 424 inventory is at Most of
these are identified as "akta luzne," which means loose records.
Maybe a person fluent in Polish can help us understand the
contents of Fond 424.

You should write to AGAD a few weeks before your trip with the
records you want to research or obtain copies for (provide the
town, year, type of record, signature, and AKT). Most AGAD
records have been microfilmed and personal research is performed
using those microfilms to protect the original registers. Therefore,
most, if not all, of the records you request will be on site. There
are Archivists at AGAD who speak English, but it still might be
beneficial to have a local interpreter to help you.

Mark Halpern
JRI-Poland AGAD Archive Coordinator

----- Original Message -----

I am planning a visit March 7th to Warsaw and would like to visit
AGAD. I wanted to research fonds 300 and 424 regarding BMD
records >from Eastern Galicia.

Do I need to order a certain section of these fonds or just the
fond in general? (I didn't see any specific section for the relevant
towns I'm researching.)

Is there anyone with experience at this archive that could advise
me on the best method to go by? I don't want to waste time in
Warsaw waiting for these records.

Could someone please help me understand the process of
ordering records in advance?

I tried ordering the files online but after submitting the request
was forwarded to a site that looked unrelated to the archive so I
wasn't sure if the order had worked.

Philip Rosinsky

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