Re: !921 census #galicia

Alexander Sharon

Hi Eli,

Galicia as an entity or rather Crown Land ceased to exist with
the rebirth of Poland in 1918.

The First National 1921 census for the ex Galicia lands is
available in bits and pieces >from the various Poland digital
libraries. Extracted data was published in 16 volumes (number
of provinces) as "Skorowidz miejscowosci Rzeczypospolitej
Polski" by the Main Statistical Office, Warsaw in years 1922-24.

Wojewodztwo Lwow [skie], vol. XIII

Best Regards,

Alexander Sharon
JGFF Editor

"Eli Brauner" <> wrote:

I was told that a 1921 central census of Galicia exists. And that
it includes Lwow. If so where can it be found for research

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