Ukraine SIG #Ukraine Photos at ViewMate for recognition and for translation Russian #ukraine

Eliana Aizim

Dear Genners:
I have posted 5 photos at ViewMate. Three of them are for
recognition of people >from my AVERBUCH branch, who lived in
Zhabokrich, Podolia Gubernia, Ukraine:

The other two photos are for translation >from Russian:

Please reply privately to me at: @elianaaizim
Thanks very much for any help you can give me.

ELIANA AIZIM, >from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
see photo album:

AISEN, AIZEN, AISIN: Lugansk, Ekaterinoslav Gubernia, Ukraine /
Buenos Aires, Argentina / Rio de Janeiro, Brazil;
GUREVICH: Lugansk (Voroshilovgrad), Yuzovka (Stalino, Donetsk),
Ekaterinoslav Gubernia, Ukraine / Philadelphia, USA;
VATNICK, VAITMAN, WHITE: Pischonka, Zabokrich, Kryzhopol,
Podolia Gubernia, Ukraine / Toronto, Canada; / Rio Janeiro, Brazil;
AVERBUCH: Zabokrich, Kryzhopol, Podolia Gubernia, Ukraine /
Colonia Quatro Irmaos, (Baron Hirsch), RS, Brazil.

MODERATOR'S NOTE: Please reply privately.

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