DICK / DYK step-families from Tarnopol #galicia

Pamela Jacobs

In the course of researching the Dick/Dyk family on JRI-Poland,
I believe I may have discovered the second wife and later
children of my great-grandfather, Isaak Dick. He was first
married to my great-grandmother, Mirel/Mina Taffet Dick, with
whom he had several children, most of whom died in infancy or
early childhood. Mirel herself died at age 34 in 1894. Isaak
remarried at some point after her death; >from the available
records, i believe his second wife was Reise/Rosie Fink. Three
children are listed as products of this marriage: Bassie Lea,
Abraham, and Wilhelm. I would be interested in hearing >from
anyone with possible connections to this family.


Pamela Ravin Jacobs
Brooklyn, NY
Researching: DICK, TAFFET, CHARASCH (Tarnopol)
Please reply to: pamelarjacobs@gmail.com

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