Ukraine SIG #Ukraine Have You Had Any Luck With Researchers in Ukraine Archives? #ukraine


I'm looking for a capable and trustworthy researcher for archives in Kiev
and, possibly, other cities where Jewish records for Volhynia (Wolin) are
stored. This is in preparation for a possible follow-up visit to my ancestral
villages later this year.

I've had wonderful results with a researcher in Minsk checking Belarussian
archives. His information, which included e-mailed Russian census documents,
took me back two generations on my father's side. Now I'd like to do the same
with my mother's ancestors. (I'll be happy to supply the name of my Minsk
researcher, who has no special access to Ukrainian records.)

Thanks so much in advance.

Barry Zwick in Los Angeles, seeking:

GERMAN in Kunev and Dubno, Volhynia, Ukraine,
MAKOFSKY in Tuczyn and Kunev, Volhynia, Ukraine,
ZWICK/TZVIK in Losha, Grozovo and Barkovtze, Belarus
HERSKOVITZ/HERSKOVICS in Satoraljaujhely and Miskolc, Hungary
SCHLANGER in Miskolc and Tab, Hungary
YEROLOSVKY in Losha, Grozovo and Barkovtze, Belarus

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