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I am a novice researcher. I do have names and towns of ancestors in
Ukraine/Russia/Poland >from 1800s to 1930s. Most perished at that point. I got
this information >from relatives who have since passed on and >from doing what I
could here in the U.S. with immigration naturalization and census and birth and
death records and Ellis Island records.

To conduct research for pre-immigration records in Europe What resources do I
use to trace them? Do I contact a researcher to conduct a search for me? Is
most of this online? Are the Mormon resources helpful?

I just need some helpful people to give me some direction. I feel that I might
have some sort of success as I have so much information.

Also, how do I locate cousins with unknown last name in Israel. We have lost
contact with them. Is there a databse or website?

Ann Goldman Giroux
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