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Joanne Saltman <js24saltman@...>

The best way to get research data is to join a Shtetl group-a group of
people who are researching the same area. You can pool your resources and
get information for a list of names for that area. The archivists from
these areas have told us that many of these records are old and in poor
condition-consequently they do not want to research them often. They would
prefer we purchase large groups of records or have a list of names >from a
particular area. If you don't see a special interest group for your
town-start one-the JGFF can give you the names of others researching your
area-and select several towns in the vicinity because not only did our
ancestors move around a lot-but often they would be registered in one town
and living in another. Or often the records for a group of towns would be
in the largest town in the district.
Joanne Saltman
Volhynia coordinator

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