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Elizabeth Jackson

Dear members,
There are two birth records for my cousins posted on
JewishGen's Viewmate. The numbers are:

#3147 Birth record for Majer KLEPFISZ

and #3150 Birth record for Tauba KLEPFISZ

Both records were posted by my cousin, Sarah Faiga
Lasry. She rec'd brief translations for each (for
which we are most thankful!) indicating the father's
name (Nison KLEPFISZ), the mother's name (translated
as Faiga DUDEL, actual name is Faiga DUDELCZEK) and
the age of both mother and father. I know that birth
records usually also give the date and place of birth
and names of witnesses (and sometimes relationship of
witness to birth parent). Could someone please look
at these and see if you can give us a more detailed
translation? Any help will be most appreciated!

You can respond to me privately at:

Thank you!
Elizabeth Jackson
Murfreesboro TN USA

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