Sanatorium Furth, Vienna - Birth and Death Links #austria-czech

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Today was a very special day for me. I met for the first time, an early
member of our SIG - Frank Eisinger, in NY - we have not yet established a
genealogical link , but we have a very strong link as we were both born at
Sanatorium Furth, Schmidgasse, Vienna 8 - albeit nine years apart.

It is now the heavily-guarded US Reference Center see:

As soon as the Nazis aryanized this beautiful state-of-the-art hospital
it was commandeered by them for their officers and top officials as a
centre of excellence - after the war it finally reverted to the Americans.

I recently read that the Habsburg family is claiming restitution of the
building. The hospital was run by Dr Lothar FURTH. I know nothing about
this Jewish family and its fate. Lothar apears on the Living Heirs
Holocaust asset database list without a birth date - which is unusual.
Does anyone have a link?

All I do know is that the birth links Frank Eisinger and I have are
apparently so strong that they kept us going for four hours and we
could have talked for another four days. Our Viennese families were both
from the 8th district, but I doubt they knew each other.
I have only ever met one other baby born at Sanatorium Furth - he lives
in Sydney, Australia. I presume there must be a few others alive, but
I wonder who they are and where they live. The clientele was probably
mainly Jewish.

It was only when I retrieved the will of my great grandmother, Emma
{nee BIACH} KOHN/KERNER in Vienna last year, that I discovered it was
executed by her nephew, the lawyer Emil DUSCHNITZ [related to SIGGER
Harold Chipman], and that she had died in the Sanatorium Furth some 20
years before I was born! She was born in Pressburg as one of 11 children
of Emanuel BIACH and Fanny LEIDESDORF. It was mainly these children
that have given me so many links on my tree.

Sanatorium Furth was obviously our family hospital for generations.
These links are fascinating too and should be registered on a family tree.

Celia Male {U.K.} but currently in NY

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