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M Trager

Subject: The Trager Family

Dear friends,

I am searching for information regarding my paternal family >from

The information I have is as follow:

My great grandfather Cholem (Charley) Trager and wife (probably Sara) and
siblings (2 sons and 2 daughters)
left Odessa and arrived around 1910 in Brisbane/Australia

one of the sons, Mischa (Moishe) Trager left for Indonesia and died in 1975
in Tel Aviv. the name of the other son was most probably Samuel Trager. It
is possible that one ot the daughters married to a Mr Navaro

His son, Joe (Jos) Trager, my father, lives in Holland.
We are searching for the other relatives, most probably in Australia.

I would be very very grateful if there is anybody among the members who can
help me out. I would also like to know if anybody knows how I can check the
records in Odessa.

Thank you all and I wish everybody luck with finding your relatives.

Marianne Trager

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