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| Does anyone know of any pogroms that occurred in central Ukraine sometime
| during 1916 thru 1918?
| In an interview in 1996, my uncle now deceased, remembered specifically a
| 'pogrom' in his birthplace, Bershad, a town in Vinnitsya oblast, approx.
| midway between Kiev and Odessa, and slightly to the west near the Bug river.
| He remembers that he was 7 or 8 yrs old then, which would make the time of
| the pogrom sometime during the years 1916 thru 1918, more or less.
| I wonder if my uncle, 87 yrs old when interviewed, confused roving bands
| of revolutionaries (Bolsheviks, Menshiviks), Czarist sympathizers, and
| marauding mobs at this time, for a pogrom instituted by the Czarist gov't?
| Charles Millman

According to correspondence >from the late Marshall Frenkel, whose ancester
Moisei Frenkel (1880-1916) owned a sawmill near Zhitomir (not terribly far from
Vinnitsya), his employees, who were Ukrainian "muzhiks," requested "a few days
free time so that they could take part in a pogrom that they heard was going to
happen in a nearby shtetl." Unfortunately, there is no specific date associated
with this event, but it must have been sometime between 1900 and 1916 and the
general impression given is that this sort of thing was not entirely uncommon
during that period and that these were local affairs and were not instituted by
external forces. When Moisei died, a previously "friendly" band of Cossacks
looted the mill. Later, his foreman, another Cossack, helped the family escape
to Poland after the "Bolsheviks confiscated all property." So, it would seem the
children of Moisei were able to distinguish between the actions of the local
population and those of the Bolsheviks, and you should probably give the benefit
of the doubt to your uncle in this regard as well.


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