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Michelle Frager <lulu_brooks@...>

Dear Mr. Gabriel,

Thank you for your time and great effort in simplifying this information for
the rest of us. It has already helped clarify a confusion in my own research.

It would seem there are two "Snitkov"s, but actually, there's only one. An
internal letter "k" marks the difference in the original names. (I have also
exchanged e-mails with one of the authors of "Road to Letichev" on this and the
two together solidify the clarification.)

from your adaptation of the Candle Tax information:
Letichev Uyezd (147.9 miles WSW of Kiev)
8 Shtetls:
Snitkov (0194 males) 4848 2738

Mogilev Podolsk Uyezd (183.4 miles SW of Kiev)
10 Shtetls:
Snitkov (0272 males) 4848 2738

As the two places couldn't possibly have the same coordinates, I looked more
closely at the original names. The shtetl outside Letichev, included in "Road
to Letichev" is actually Snitovskoe, or Snitovka. The town NE of Murovanye
Kurilovtsy in Mogilev District is Snitkovskoe, or Snitkov.

Snitkov (Mogilev) is at the coordinates cited. It was about 1/3 larger in male
population and taxes than Snitovka, which was a very tiny place, as it appears
from the e-mail exchange.
I hope this will help others interested in either of the two towns. And my
ShtetLinks Page on Snitkov (Mogilev District) will be revised soon to account
for ownership and other information that actually pertained to Snitovka.
However, the geographical, religious, family, personalities and memoir
information are all about the 'right' Snitkov - at 4848 2738.

If anyone has further information on this, I for one would be very happy to
read what they have to say.

Michelle Frager, NY

--- "N.C. Gabriel" <> wrote: ---

Dear Members of the Ukraine SIG,

I would like to present the following list of 140
Shtetls in the 12 Uyezds of Podolia Guberniya as a
POSSIBLY comprehensive list of all (or most) of the
Shtetls of Podolia Guberniya that existed in 1883.

My source for the information was the following:

My source for the Russian spelling of the names of the
Shtetls was the following:

I would like to credit Rose Feldman for finding the
document and The Central Archives for the History of
the Jewish People in Jerusalem for preserving it.

The distance >from Kiev refers to the chief town of the
Uyezd (the Uyezds were named after the chief towns).

Using ShtetlSeeker I have identified the various
Shtetls to the best of my ability. Where there are no
geographical co-ordinates I was not able to identify
the Shtetl and I have left the name of those Shtetls
in their adjective form as they appear on the list.

I have included the number of males in each Shtetl who
paid "Box Tax and Candle Tax" for the sake of

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