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hello all,

i recently found the ship manifest for the journey to
america of my gg-grandmother, her husband and 2
children. the manifest says they came >from the town of
GAISIN in "Pod. gub." Russia. the 1930 census says
they came >from "Podolsk." i have also been told by
other family members they were >from the
kamenets-podolsk region of russia. i looked in the
shetl seeker and found a few possibilities for this
town, but so far i'm unable to find a town called
GAISIN in the kamenetz-podolsk area. can anyone help
me with this?

also, the ship manifest said they left behind in
russia a son, whose first name was JOJNA. i have
searched the jewishgen given names database and get no
hits on this name. does anyone else have male family
members >from russia with this or a similar first
name?if so, what was the hebrew/yiddish equivalent?
also what were they called if they immigreated to

please respond privately.

dayna chalif
san francisco, USA

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