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Steve Franklin <cryptozoomorphic@...>

This photograph,, is of a
wedding picnic taken in Fairmount Park in Philadelphia in 1917. Note the two
blond haired girls in the front row. I also had an uncle, not born at the time
of this photo, who had blond hair as a child. Note that the Dnieper River was
not only a stop on the Silk Road (at Kiev) but also the route by which the
Vikings traveled to the Middle East. So there are many genetic strains in this
region of the world and no one will argue that the Jews were so isolated that
there was no intermarriage at all with the local Ukrainians, who often have
blond hair and other "fair" features. This is only one avenue of many by which
various features were added to the Jewish gene pool.

Steve Franklin
| We can only speculate that it might be possible that my g-mother could have
| been a product of rape??? She was blonde haired and blue eyed.
| My great grandfather was a towhead (lighter than platinum blond), and my
| great grandmother had flaming red hair (They came >from the region near
| Kamenets-Podolskiy.). There are many redheads in my family, and I know
| a number of Jewish people with red hair. Many Jews do not have dark
| complexions and dark hair.

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