Ukraine SIG #Ukraine RE: Blonde hair, Blue eyes #ukraine

Ida & Joseph Schwarcz

I was a platinum blond as a child, but my hair grew darker as I grew older.
My eyes are hazel. My Aunt Molly, aleha hashalom was a blond. All the rest
of the family had dark hair and eyes. But I am sure that my blond genes came
from past blond ancestors who might have converted to Judaism. After all,
quite a few generations had passed between my ancestors' residence in the
Middle East and my parents' births at the end of the nineteenth century.
Oh yes, my hair is very light now, kind of white.
Ida Selavan Schwarcz (75 plus two days)
Arad, israel
Dr. Joseph M. Schwarcz
Dr. Ida Selavan Schwarcz

Robin B. Seidenberg wrote:
We can only speculate that it might be possible that my g-mother could have
been a product of rape??? She was blonde haired and blue eyed.

My great grandfather was a towhead (lighter than platinum blond), and my
great grandmother had flaming red hair (They came >from the region near
Kamenets-Podolskiy.). There are many redheads in my family, and I know
a number of Jewish people with red hair. Many Jews do not have dark
complexions and dark hair.

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