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I am looking for sources of information such as birth, death, census,
marriage, military service or general information >from mid-1800's to 1920.

My grandfather Meyer Isaac OXENHORN came to America in 1904. Before coming
to America he worked at the Zusman Faience (earthenware) Factory in Kamenny

Other areas of interest include Tartak. Linbersk, Ljuberkaya, Dovbysh and
the general area. The city spellings are often not exact in these datum bases,
that include foreign maps, because of language differences. Usually they are
phonetically close in pronouncing the towns name.

My grandmother family (surname GERMAN) was >from Novohrad-Volynsky (Zvil) and
my grandfather (OXENHORN) was originally >from Osrtog.

I was looking for assistance in uncovering any records (birth, death, tax,
census, marriage, etc.) that may exist to pursue my genealogy search.

Please respond directly to:
Allan Dolgow
Stockton, CA
_allandolgow@aol.com_ (

MODERATOR'S NOTE: Please respond privately.

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