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Flo Elman

Dear Ukraine SIG Members,

This is to all of you, although it is intended as an update for those who
were unable to attend the 2005 Las Vegas Conference this month.

In July 2000 at the Salt Lake City Conference, 4 of us met to discuss
forming a SIG that would be dedicated to Ukrainian research. At that time, I
accepted the coordinatorship of the group & Mel Fishman agreed to set up our
webpage. It has been 5 years since our inception, & due to reasons of
health, I am unable to continue as your coordinator. The time with you has
been wonderful - although I couldn't solve every problem that came my way,
you made it very pleasant & interesting, & I feel I know you as old friends!
Two new coordinators will be handling our SIG now; Freya Blitstein Maslov
(who has been an active & able moderator >from the beginning), & Deborah
Glassman, a person of many ideas & clear vision. I will remain on in an
advisory capacity (the Ukraine SIG has become an addiction for me)! Freya &
Deborah will fill you in on anything else.

We began with 50 members. Today we are 1671 strong!! In these 5 years, we
have put the names of 32,000 eligible men >from the Kiev Duma Voters' List
(1906-07) online; established an excellent website (many thanks to Mel who
first developed it, & to Mindie Kaplan who is doing a diligent & creative
job up keeping it going), & have completed several other projects which have
yet to be uploaded - a list of donors >from the index of Kagan's books; the
translation of Russian Regimental Histories; & the GDP (Geographical
Dictionary Project) for towns in the Ukraine.
We have CDs of the Canadian LiRaMa (Russian Consular Records) which contain
letters >from new immigrants needing legal assistance or help with their
papers. As soon as we can find a volunteer to lead the translation of this
project, we can get it underway. In addition, we are still hopeful that some
of you can help us access interesting information >from the Russian
Vedemostii which is carried by many libraries!! The Ekaterinoslav Yiskor
book is currently being translated - the index is complete.

You have often asked "Why no All Ukraine Database? Mazeltov folks. In Las
Vegas, Warren Blatt announced it was up officially on the JewishGen website
(under databases). Everything to do with the Ukraine has been combined to
facilitate your searches. It contains:
JewishGen Family Finder
Over 50,000 entries by Jewish genealogists researching families in Ukraine.
JewishGen Online Worldwide Burial Registry
Over 25,000 burial records for Ukraine and Ukrainian landsmanshaft
cemeteries worldwide.
Yizkor Book Necrologies
50,000 entries >from lists of Holocaust martyrs in Yizkor Books for towns in
JewishGen Holocaust Database
Over 40,000 names >from various datasets with information about Holocaust
victims and survivors.
Jewish Religious Personnel in the Russian Empire, 1853-1854
1,100 Jewish religious personnel in Gubernias now in Ukraine.
Vsia Rossiia Business Directories
23,000 Jewish businesses in Ukrainian areas, >from Russian business
directories of 1895, 1899, 1903, amd 1911.
Kiev Gubernia Duma Voters Lists, 1906-1907 - Over 32,000 Jewish men living
in Kiev gubernia, eligible to vote in the Czarist State Duma elections of

In addition, there is information for Bessarabia Gubernia:
Duma Voters Lists, Bessarabia, 1906-07
72,000 voters in Akkerman, Bendery, Bieltsy, Khotin, Kishinev, Orgieev and
Soroki districts of Bessarabia, who were eligible to vote in the Russian
Duma elections in 1906 and 1907.
Kishinev Vital Records
Over 50,000 Jewish birth, marriage, divorce and death records for Kishinev,
Bessarabia (now Chisinau, Moldova).

Thank you all for your active participation & thoughts & for making this
position so pleasurable for me.

My warmest regards to all of you,
Florence Elman
Ex-officio U SIG Coordinator

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