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Arnold Chamove <ArnoldChamove@...>

My gg grandfather has on his death certificate that he was born in
Rygorod, but I cant find it anywhere. Assume that it is
misspelled. Anyone know of this place?

Arnold S Chamove
New Zealand

Searching :
GOLDSTEIN (Kepno to CA, USA 1851), GOLDBERG (NY to CA 1863),
ASHER/OSHER/OSZER (Posnan to CA 1864), ADLER/UDLER (Odesa to OR
1893), CHAIMOVITCH (Balta to OR 1890), SCHEREK/SHIREK (Posnan to CA
1860), FRIEDENTHAL (Kepno to CA 1870), FROHLICH, ELIAS (Posnan),
KOTTWITZ (Poznan).

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