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Eliana Aizim

Dear Genners,

I´ve posted on ViewMate five photos with inscriptions in Russian
and in Yiddish, which I would like to ask for translation.
File numbers are >from VM6927 to VM6931.
ViewMate address:
I mixed up what I asked for VM6928 should be for VM6929, and
vice versa. Sorry.
Here are the direct addresses for each one of the files:

translation >from Russian:

translation >from Russian:

translation >from Russian and Yiddish (if it´s the same meaning for both
languages, the translation of one language is enough):

translation >from Russian:

translation >from Yiddish:

Please reply privately to me at:
Thanks very much for any help you can give me.

Eliana AIZIM, >from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
visit my GUREVICH photo album:

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