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Carol Rombro Rider

I have posted on View Mate a picture taken of the Landsman >from Dunayevtsy,
Ukraine. The Jews referred to their home town as Dinovitz. Dinovitz is
located just to the north-east of Kamenitz Podolsk in the Ukraine.

This picture was taken in the early 1950's in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. We
have been able to identify some of the people but would love to see if anyone
recognizes someone else.

The individuals who are known are marked as:

#`16-Morris Rozenzwog--born there
#15 Bessie Rozenswog--his wife
#19 Hirsch Weintraub--born there
#28 Nettie Moss Cohen--born there
#29 Hyman Schechter--born there
#33 Rose Kippnor Schechter Anbinder--born there
#31 David Anbinder--her husband
#38--Mary Kushner Rombro--born there

The View Mate number is VM 6935 or you can access it directly by going to

If anyone would like to see a larger picture, I can send it to you directly.
Please reply directly to me and NOT to the group.

Carol Rombro Rider Baltimore, Maryland USA

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