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<< I believe, but am not certain, that at Ellis Island

there is a way of determining who paid for which

names. I never tried to do that when I was there.


Yes, there is a way of determining who paid for the inscription of a name on
the walls. When I was visiting Ellis Island about eight years ago, I used
the computer provided there to look up my father, Hyman I. Feldman. (There are
two Hyman Feldmans inscribed on the walls but only one was that of my father.)
To my dismay, I discovered that the name of our family's attorney had been
entered as the person who paid for putting my father's name on the wall. With
some difficulty and after some time had elapsed, I was later able to get our
attorney's name removed and my name and the names of my brother and sister, for
it was we three who paid the fee out of our inheritance after our mother's

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