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Michelle Frager <lulu_brooks@...>
Above is the link to an illuminating book review on the ironies of how formal
exclusion >from Hebrew studies led to more open intellectual worlds for many
Jewish women in old Eastern Europe:
"[The author] offers the surprising thesis that certain groups of Jewish women
in 19th-century Eastern Europe, precisely because of their exclusion from
traditional Jewish learning, had a 'window of opportunity' to access a very
different world through reading. "

This historically informative review is recommended as a brief way to fill in
some background on our ancestors' lives and non-traditional world views whih we
may sometimes forget about. It looks a heavy read, but I still may check my
library for a loan if they have it: "Reading Jewish Women: Marginalization and
Modernization in 19th-Century Eastern European Jewish Society," by Iris Parush,
translated by Saadya Sternberg, published by Brandeis University Press, 2004.

I assure the group and moderators I've no connection with this publication
other than having stumbled across the review.

Michelle Frager, NYC area

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