Ukraine SIG #Ukraine Re: Re: Bershad pogroms (central Ukraine/Vinittsya oblast) - circa 1916-1918 #ukraine


Dear Charles Millman,et al.

In the message I sent belated yesterday in response to an inquiry sent some
time ago asking about a pogrom in Bershad I forgot to mention this:

Nadezhda Ulanovskaya's memoir of her shtetl "Bershad."
It is published in Michael Glenny and Norman Stone, "The Other Russia,"
Viking, 1990.

The author, whose grandfather was a rabbi, was born in Bershad in 1904. Her
family was engaged in cloth-trading. She married an anarchist, older than
herself, who had been exiled in the far north. The couple lead an exciting
life, until a purge which I think took place in the 1950s. Then they were made
to suffer in terrible camps, until Stalin's death. Nadezhda lived for some
time in Odessa and 1975 went to live in Israel.

The above is quoted >from a message I sent about four or five years ago
either to the group or to someone privately about Bershad.

I am sorry I neglected to mention this yesterday. Lately I've just not
been able to "get my act together" very well....

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