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Hi ~

I am trying to locate family in Canada. Here is what I know:

aka AVRUM YANKEL bar YAACOV was born in 1875 in Pavoloch, Ukraine. He had a
brother and a sister whose names I don't know. The brother and/or the
sister emigrated to Canada and were there probably prior to 1908 when
ABRAHAM immigrated to the US via Montreal.

In the St. Albans manifest for 1925 I found a BORICH SCHNAPORSKI who crossed
from Canada and went to visit someone in Detroit, MI. He was 19 years at
the time. With the name SCHNAPORSKI he must be a relative, but I don't know
who to connect him with.

ABRAHAM married ETTA NULMAN >from Fastov, Ukraine.

Does anyone with family origins in either Fastov or Pavoloch have either
SCHNAPARSKI (or any of the variety of spellings) or NULMAN in their family?
If so, I would greatly appreciate hearing >from you. Please respond

Thank you.


Linda Silverman Shefler
Cary, NC

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