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Roy Mankovitz <roy@...>

My grandmother (father's mother) and her parents and grandparents (FAGIN,
SHOTKIN) appear to have been born and raised in Rzhishchev, south of Kyyiv,
beginning early 1800s. >from what little I can gather of family history, my
great-great-grandparents did not speak Russian or Ukrainian, only
Yiddish. They were tailors and musicians, and apparently could get by just
communicating with their fellow shtetlites. So, it raises the question of
whether my family ever considered the Ukraine as their homeland, or simply
one of a long list of places the Jews were displaced to (they moved on to
Zvenigorodka, Rzhishchev, Yevpatoriya, Simferopol' and Odesa, then the US
in 1905). If so, what are the "real" origins of my family and perhaps
those of many fellow Ukrainian Jews. Trying to find out the true origins
of the Yiddish language(s) is also a frustrating experience. I wonder if
any fellow genners have looked into research tools (if there are any) to
see what lay before the Ukraine for our ancestors.

Roy Mankovitz
Montecito, California

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