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Max Heffler

My grandfather was born in what is now western Ukraine near the border with
Poland. We are Levites. I had my DNA tested and the half of Ashkenazi DNA we
match with is not of Middle Eastern origin but of Eastern European. One
theory is that we are Khazarian converts >from the Middle Ages. That would
place us a bit further east of the Ukraine. I still wonder how Levites could
convert in. Perhaps the ruling class got special dispensation?

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snip> >from what little I can gather of family history, my
great-great-grandparents did not speak Russian or Ukrainian, only
Yiddish ...... (they moved on to Zvenigorodka, Rzhishchev, Yevpatoriya,
Simferopol' and Odesa, then the US in 1905). If so, what are the "real"
origins of my family and perhaps those of many fellow Ukrainian Jews.< snip

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