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Rica Goldberg

Dear Genners

Roy Mankovitz said "So, now when people ask me where my ancestors came from,
instead of saying Lithuania or the Ukraine, or Russia, I think my response will be:
I am a Jew - my family has not had a homeland for at least 100

Of course, that statement is not totally true because we have had our Homeland -
Israel - since 1948. But I feel like Roy feels. Although I am second generation
British born on one side of my family and third generation British born on another
side of my family, I always feel a Jew first. And proud of it too.
And maybe our sojourn in Britain or the USA or Australia or wherever will
eventually only prove a temporary one if (G'd forbid) we eventually have to flee
to Israel. Israel is our insurance, an insurance that our ancestors never had.

Can you imagine how they felt when their governments hated them, their neighbours
hated them and their neighbours attacked them in their homes, set fire to their
homes and even raped their women. No wonder they moved on.

I can go back to the beginning of the 1800's with my ancestors in Lithuania
(maternal) and Poland (paternal) and I too, like most amateur genealogists wonder
where they come >from before Lithuania Poland. I certainly know where they went to
after Lithuania and Poland. And I thank the Almighty that they wanted to get out
of these places so badly that they came to the UK.

Rica B Goldberg
Manchester England

Still researching:-

KAMINSKY (KAMENSHCHIK) >from Yanova (Jonava)and Zeimiai nr Kovno, Lithuania
2) Norron Eliazar, Harris, Joseph & Sarah DIAMOND >from Kovno Gubernia, Lithuania
3)  Newman, Emmanuel, Rachel & Esther LEVY and their parents Chana & Yehuda LEWIN
from KROSNIEWICE in Poland  
4)  Isaac & Rebecca COHEN  >from Poland 5) Chaim & Rebecca ESTRY (nee GROSSMAN)  
a glazier >from Poland

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