Ukraine SIG #Ukraine Re: Searching for Shtetl #ukraine

Doug Cohen

Where Once We Walked lists two:

Ignatovka, Belarus -- Described in Shtetl Finder as an agricultureal
community 30 km northeast of Lutsk, this town does not appear in current

Ignatovka (near Silnoye), Ukr.; Jewish prewar pop. 900. 45 km NW of Rivne
at 50o54'/25o48'.

Since Malin, Ukr is given at 50o46'/29o14', it's not very close; (a minute
of longitude is approx. 0.4 miles - 3.5 degrees is therefore 3.5 x 60 x .4
miles = 85 miles away). I don't know if this is the one you're seeking or

Good luck.

Doug Cohen
Lexington, MA

Les Shipnuck <> wrote:

Searching for family shtetl: Ignatevka (variant: Ignatevska) thought
to be located in the vicinity of Malin Station, a rail stop approximately
40 miles West of Kiev. I cannot find this village on any map that I have
seen so far although Malin is easily found.

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