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Hello All,

I have tried to locate "Tiraspol" on a map without success. My grandmother,
born Beile TOPELBERG, came >from what she called Tiraspol, near Odessa.
Several years ago, if memory servies me, I had located some information on
Tiraspol on the jewishgen site. Now I can't seem to find it, nor can I find
Tiraspol on a map. Am I in the wrong pew, so to speak? There is a
Terespol, near Moldova listed on the JRI Poland site, but it doesn't appear
to be near Odessa.

Just in case it rings a bell to anyone here's a bit more info: My gg
parents were Aron Moshe and Yenta/Yetta/Etta GOLDFARB TOPELBERG >from
Tiraspol. They had 7 children born between about 1894-1911: Belle, Ida,
Frieda, Harry, Charlie, Rose, Sonia/Sonnie. They arrived in the US between
1912-1914 and lived on Christopher St. in Brooklyn. Belle, Sonni, Rose and
Charlie eventually settled in Pittsburgh. Yetta had a brother who lived in
Brooklyn, "Pesech" GOLDFARB.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Wendy Dobo

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