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ellen fine

Hello and Happy New Year_

I have been doing a cursory search for my grandmother
Ethel Gerber, probably born, Ettel Swartzman or
Schwartzman. She came >from Romanov in Volyhnia
Guebernia and in those days it was in Russia. She
arrived, probably in Boston between 1909 and 1913.
She was married in 1914. The problem is there are
about 5-6 or more Romanovs. I figured she came from
a town not too far >from Gritsev. That is where her
eventual cousin/husband was from, however they did
marry in Boston. I do not know if they were
acquainted in Russia.

Does anyone have any ideas about determining which
town, have any information on her or any of the above
mentioned Romanovs? I did receive some responses
earlier for which I am thankful. Just not really sure
which town it was.

Thankyou in advance. This has been a very helpful
group of people.

Ellen Fine
Waterville Valley, NH


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