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Linda Shefler <linsilv@...>

I know that I haven't been able to get back to everyone individually who
responded to my request for help with the mystery surnames, so I want to
take this opportunity to give you all a group thank you and I will
definitely get back to you individually next week. I'm going out of town
early tomorrow for the weekend, hence the lack of time right now.
It was very interesting to see what sparked the interest of most people and
it was definitely the deSilva/Toledo question!
I guess I wasn't clear enough regarding some of what I wrote; I know that
Silverman and Zilberman are the same name; I wrote the different variations
as that is how they are written on the headstones. The English version of
the name is spelled Silverman, while the Hebrew is spelled as Zilberman.
I did learn that it was no big deal to assume another identity after
arriving and before taking citizenship, that explains why Max Silverman's
naturalization papers list him as Max Silverman and not by the original
family name. I have the actual "petitions for name change" for other family
members in different branches, but that was some 20 years later.

I have much to discuss with several people, but in the meantime, THANK YOU
ALL very much for your thoughts, suggestions, general information and
education. As always, it is very much appreciated.

Wishing everyone Shabbat shalom,
Linda Silverman Shefler
Cary, NC

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