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Greetings all,
This is my first posting to your list.
Some of you might be interested in visiting my website, as it does have some material of interest to Ukraine researchers. If you visit my Cemetery Project (accessible through my virtual museum's Site Map page), you will find web pages that display several Holocaust memorials >from cemeteries in New York and New Jersey. For now, there are pages for memorials associated with Burshtyn, Ostropol, Tolstoye and Turiysk.

In my "Postcards >from Home" exhibition, I have family photographs (not my family) >from Buczacz, Czernowitz, Drohobycz, Kamenets-Podolskiy and Odessa. More family photos >from E. Europe are always welcome on my site.

I also have, within the confines of my Cemetery Project, over sixty maps of overall cemetery grounds in New York, New Jersey, Chicago, Florida and S. California, so you might like to visit this page and see what maps I do have, so that you may be better prepared for your next visit to one of these cemeteries. There is also a Cemetery Directory which lists contact info for many of the cemeteries in metro New York and New Jersey.

I also have a small unique surnames list for an Ostropol society plot on Long Island. More unique surname lists for plots associated with Ukrainian towns/cities will be created in the future. I hope each of you spend some time and have a good look at what my web site, a virtual (Internet only) museum of Jewish family history, has to offer. You can get the best overview by looking carefully through my museum's Site Map page. The URL for my site is listed under by name below.

Steve Lasky
New York

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