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I am searching back through my Great grandparents Joseph and Mollie
COOPERSTEIN, who emigrated to New York about 1900 with four children >from
Lviv/Dobromil, Ukraine/Poland. I have found some records that think are
the right people. Joseph and Mollie show up in the 1910 and 1920 US
Census so I think they are correct. I'm guessing about the European
connection, though based on their children's names and their ages, I think
they are right. I'd any information to confirm or add to this, and/or
find out more about my ancestors so I can piece together the story of
their lives.

Josel (b 1801 d. 1855) & Golde Kiperstein Lviv Great great great

Nachmen (b. 1846 d. ) & Chane Chule Kuperstein Lviv Great great

Gdalje Joseph/Jo'zef (b. 1868 Lviv d. 1934 NY) &
Malka/Mollie (d. 1958 NY) Great grandparents

Mendel (b. 1894 Lviv d. 1897 Lviv)

Abraham Izak (b. 1896 Lviv d. 1967? NY) Eva
Berkowitz (b. 1888 NY, d. 1987? NY) Grandparents

Mojz*esz/Morris (b. 1898 Lviv d.?)

Anna (b. 1903? NY, d. ?)

Ruth (b. 1906? NY, d. ?)

Richard Cooperstein

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