Ukraine SIG #Ukraine RE: ukraine digest: June 05, 2006 - Miracle #ukraine

A Savitzky <asav@...>

Ukraine SIG Moderator:

Regarding the following (abbreviated) message, I'm so glad you did decide to
approve it for the digest. After reading it, it seemed to me the Torah was
the big red ribbon on a gift of long-coming research success. Would that we
all were so blessed with the receipt of such heart-warming news. Yasher
Koach to Mr. Kawaler and Rabbi Youlas!!!

Amy Greenberg Savitzky, Houston, TX
Swieczka - Kaluszyn, Poland; Cholodenko - Korostyshev, Ukraine;
Greenberg/Grunberg - Nesvizh, Belorus

< From: Pam Weston <pweston@...>
< Date: Mon, 5 Jun 2006 17:26:31 -0500
< X-Message-Number: 3

<My family has been blessed with a miracle that may warm the hearts of
anyone looking for their families history. . . . . . .

<Pam Weston
<Dear Friends;

<I am most blessed and privileged to present to you what is no less
than a miracle. . . . . . . .
<Praise G-d, who lives, and watches over his people, Israel.

<Foster E. Kawaler

<MODERATOR'S NOTE: Although our concentration is only ** pre-WWI Ukraine
**, this story was so delightful & inspirational, that I decided to approve

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