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David Thaler <dathaler@...>

Dear Genners,

Pamela Weisberger clearly described the situation of women, that almost
always had passport when migrating, and young men, many without passport as
consequence of their Army situation.

Binnie Yeates wrote in Re.: Any ideas?
" The family story I grew up with was that my gfather made it >from Zborow
England at the very beginning of the 20th century without a passport.
have any ideas / information as to how he could have managed it? "

My grandparents migrated in 1913 >from Kiliya/ Bessarabia to Hamburg and then
to South America.
"Ganvenen die grenetz" (stealing the border) was the Yiddish expression they
used to describe their journey >from the Black Sea (less than 100 miles SW
from Odessa) to Northwestern Germany.
Some kind of mafia lead them 1100 miles NW across several countries. I
wonder if such organization was similar to nowadays mafias used by poor
people looking to migrate into the USA or Europe.

David Thaler
Buenos Aires / Argentina

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