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ALEX VOLKOV <volkoff@...>

Hi All!

I have already some of my homework done, and on many lines in my tree I
faced walls, in particular, a lot "dead-ends" are in Ukraine.
So here is my short wish list, please let me know if you have anything to
say about such last name in those certain places (if you have anything to say
about the very person I am looking for, that's even better!):

-- Name -- Place -- approx. year of certain activity

1. Yakov VOLKOV, Krivoy Rog, got son Aleksandr in 1895

2. Michael (possibly Moses, Moshe) ZABOTINSKY, place either Krivoy Rog or

Ekaterinoslav (now called Dnepropetrovsk), got daughter Galina in 1899

3. Israel GULINSKY, village Ratcevo (now called Ratceve), got son Shlema
(or Solomon) in 1881

4. Isaya ANNAPOLSKY, place either Chigirin or may be Novogeorgievsk, got
daughter Sarah in 1879

5. Yankel LIVERTOVSKIJ, Aleksandria, got daughter Faina in 1914

Thank you for reading my post!


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