Ukraine SIG #Ukraine RE: Help Request For Cemetery Photos in Pittsburgh #ukraine

Harriet Hoffman

Hi all,

I would like to tell you that the digests really work. In fact, they are
amazing. Just a couple of days ago I requested help in obtaining photos of my GG
parents graves/tombstones in Pittsburgh. The flood of emails replying to
help was overwhelming.

Within two days...just two days...the photos were waiting for me when I got
up, always many hours behind all of you, on my computer. After the 'shock and
awe' and drying up the tears I communicated with this wonderful individual
who continued to help in translating the Hebrew on the stone revealing my GG
parents parent's names. That would be my GGGP's, right?

This individual in Pittsburgh had not seen the digest message directly, but
rather had it forwarded >from a friend in Jerusalem. His mother, who lives in
Florida, and had the message sent to her >from a friend in the LitvakSIG, sent
me advice and also mentioned it to her son. When the mother heard that the
connection had been made she called me. We have many mutual friends through
Jewishgen and the SIGS and will meet at conference in NYC.

Genealogy may be about discovering our ancestors, but along the way we meet
family and make lasting true friendships sharing the lives that we live now.
Mike Karsen, genealogist and lecturer, gives seminars on just this..."the
higher calling of genealogy."

Thank you all for your outpouring of support. It feels very good.
Harriet Hoffman
Honolulu, HI

MODERATOR'S NOTE: Thank JewishGen - for if it were not available to you,
you would not have found that information this quickly. One way to show
JewishGen how important they are to you and others, is to go to the
JewishGen-erosity page at
(You can mention your success using the UkraineSIG as well)

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