Ukraine SIG #Ukraine Viewmate: Recognize Anyone At This Seder- Possible RAVITZ Family? #ukraine


Although I have posted this message on the Jewishgen Digest, I am also
posting it to the SIG because this is part of my mother's family, which came >from
Ichnya, Priluki, Borzna, Parafyevka,and maybe other areas around Chernigov

I am hoping some Genner will be able to give me any possible clues about the
three photos I have posted as Viewmate files VM8267, VM8268, and VM8269.

Each picture is part of a very large, framed photo I inherited >from a member
of the RAVITZ family, which emigrated >from Parafyevka, Ukraine to New York
City about 1900. I'm guessing this photo was probably taken about 1910, in
Manhattan, but maybe Brooklyn. The photographer's name- Mandelkern- appears in
the lower right corner in script.

Family information says the head of the family was Sander or Sender Ravitz,
and NY records show a man with that name died at Bellevue Hospital and was
buried at New Mt. Carmel Cemetery in 1919. He was variously a peddler and a
watchman, and I am not at all sure he was part of the family pictured here.

The photo shows a total of fourteen well-dressed people around a large table
set for what seems to be a Seder, complete with wine, seltzer bottles and a
stack of matzohs. The room has a very high ceiling, elaborate,heavy-possibly
velvet- drapes, a very tall mirror, large samovar, fancy chandelier,
oriental rug, etc.

I would be most grateful for the name of anyone you might recognize, or any
clues or comments you wish to share.

The photos are VM 8267, VM 8268, and VM 8269 at:

Please reply directly to me, not to the list.

Many thanks in advance for whatever you can do to help me solve this
fascinating puzzle!

Marion Diamond
Los Angeles area, California, U.S.A.

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