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Just an update >from me to you regarding my website, a virtual (Internet
only) museum of Jewish family history.
Of particular interest to Ukrainian researchers:
I have added more photographs of Ukrainian Holocaust memorials >from Kyyiv
(Kiev), i.e. Babi Yar; also >from Kovel and L'viv.
There are also new family photographs >from Kyyiv, Zolochev, and Odessa
(includes an interesting photo of a nursery school class, cir 1934.)

I am looking for both recent and old photos (i.e. taken at any time before
the end of WWII) of synagogues located throughout Europe, including the
Ukraine, to be included in my new exhibition, "The Synagogues of Europe," as
well as more photos of Holocaust memorials not already included in my
"Holocaust Memorials of Eastern Europe" exhibition. I was also wondering
whether anyone has been to any ceremonies in E. Europe that had to do with
dedication/rededication ceremonies of cemeteries, ghettoes, or Holocaust

The searchable database for Mt. Ararat Cemetery on Long Island, New York
should be up and running shortly. I will notify all when their website is
online. The last cemetery that will be creating a searchable database (at
least as far as I know), Mt. Judah Cemetery, in Ridgewood, New York,
probably won't be online for at least a couple of months.

Lastly, I would like to say how nice it was to meet each and every one of
you during the IAJGS conference. It is gratifying to be recognized for one's
efforts, and to be thanked by so many of you. This is especially meaningful
to me because this project that I have been devoting myself to is so very
dear to my heart. Thank you so much.

Steve Lasky
New York

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