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Ida & Joseph Schwarcz

The word you read as Arshta was probably Ershte, meaning First. It is the
Constitution of the First Novograd Volhyn organization or society or
Ida Selavan Schwarcz
Omer, israel

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Subject: [ukraine] Treasure found for Novograd Volynsky/Zvil

..My husband's grandfather found a little (3"x2") red hard bound book titled
(in Yiddish) "Constitution of the Arshta? Novograd Voliner." It is 32 pages
long including a table of contents and all in Yiddish. A receipt for $3 was
tucked in the back >from the United Jewish Appeal of Greater New York dated
June 17, 1959 signed by I.? Ben David...........
Does this book sound familiar to anyone involved in the Novogard Volynsk

I don't know if there is any historical information included, but if someone
out there is interested in translating a part or all of this little
treasure, I could photocopy and mail it to you at cost.

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